Projector Overheating: Why It Overheats, And How to Fix it?

Not being able to figure out why your projector is getting overheated? Here are the reasons and steps to fix it.

James K. Brownlee
why does a projector overheat?

Have you ever seen a projector heating up? It scares nine out of ten people who have never experienced it before. The major reason behind the fear of a projector overheating is that it might lead to an electrical disaster. However, heat-generating from a projector is quite normal to some extent.

But, why does it happen?

This is because it uses different high-power lights (Projector bulbs) to reflect clear images on the screen. As a result, the heat is generated from the lights used to reflect the image. But excessive heat can be dangerous if overlooked for a long time. So in this article, I will brief you on keeping your projectors cool at all times.

But before that, let me first analyze why a projector gets heated after running for a long time. Apart from the reason mentioned above, various other reasons cause a projector to heat up. 

Once I have identified the reasons, I will tell you how overheating can affect your projector. Then I will help you eliminate the reasons so that the overall shelf life increases and the chances of accidents decrease.

So, if you are worried about the heat generated from your projector, keep your eyes on this article. I am sure you are going to find all your answers here.

Reasons Behind Overheating: Why does your projector overheat?

Whenever we see are projectors getting heated, the first question that comes to our minds is why it is getting heated. Yes, the projector indeed uses high-power bulb to reflect images, and a percentage of the heat is generated from those lights but is that the only reason? 

Frankly no. 

Whenever we see a projector heating, there can be multiple reasons behind it. The projector bulb is just one of the reasons. Other reasons may include a rise in the external temperature, dust in the air filter, blockage in the air vents, and a defective fan running slow.

1. The rise in the external temperature

Usually, we see projectors kept in air-conditioned rooms. There is a reason behind that. It has been observed that whenever we keep projectors in a room where the temperature is above 35 degrees C, the projectors tend to get overheated. In air-conditioned rooms, we can easily monitor the temperature.

2. Dust in the air filter

Another obvious reason the projector is getting overheated is dust in the air filter. Dust prevents the filter from working properly because the projector gets overheated.

3. Blockage in the air vents

There is a good chance that the air vents are blocked when you see a projector is getting overheated.

4. A defective fan that is running slow

Most importantly, the projector can get overheated because the fan runs slowly inside a non-air-conditioned room. Therefore, there may be an outside chance that the internal fan is defective because the projector is getting overheated.

What can all go wrong if your projector starts getting overheated?

Whenever you see your projector getting overheated, you should check for ways to cool it down immediately. Ignoring it might not just cause an accident, but it can also result in discolored images, the lens being burnt out the melting of electrical wires, and the explosion of the bulb.

Therefore, you must take the necessary measures whenever you see the projector overheating. The easiest way to know that the projector is getting overheated is by touching the projector’s body. If you find the projector’s body turning hot, you need to take measures.

Cooling Techniques For Your Projector

If you wonder what can be done if your projector starts getting overheated, here are easy ways to turn down the temperature. But before I discuss them in detail, you can turn off the projector for some time so that it cools down.

However, we are aware that it is impossible to turn off the projector in-between a presentation; therefore, we should make sure the projector is serviced properly.

You need to regularly check the things listed below to ensure your projector runs fine, even if it is turned on for long hours.

1. Make sure the vents of your projector are clean and do not accumulate dust 

projector has vents that let out the heat whenever it is getting overheated automatically. All you need to take care of is to see if the vents are clean. Too much dirt and dust can prevent the air from flowing out, resulting in overheating. I recommend cleaning the projector’s vents with a soft cloth every two to three days to prevent dust from accumulating in the vents.

2. Change the location of the projector

If you feel the room temperature where the projector is kept is inappropriate, as if the temperature is above 35 degrees, I suggest relocating the projector to a different room. And if you are thinking of doing so, try to fix the projector in an air-conditioned room where the temperature can be easily monitored. This way, you don’t need to shift the projector too often. Also, you can prevent the projector from getting overheated. Another important factor to keep in mind is that whenever you are placing the projector, make sure there is a buffer space so that the heat can escape easily. You can use a projector stand to do so.

3. Ensure the projector is kept in a properly ventilated room at room temperature

Even though the projector is designed so that the heat can easily pass through the vents automatically whenever it gets overheated, I still suggest keeping projectors in a nicely-ventilated room, preferably at room temperature, even if it is not air-conditioned.

4. Get a cooling pad for your projector to prevent it from getting overheated

A cooling pad is an effective device that keeps your projectors cool even after running for long hours. Some projectors are noisy, but cooling pads are mostly noiseless. So they will not hurt your ears or add up to the noise. It is a good investment if you want your projectors to run smoothly.  

5. Make sure you clean the air filters regularly

You can choose to dust and clean the air filters of your projectors every week to ensure the filters are not clogged with dust. Clean air filters let the air pass easily, and the projectors do not generate a lot of heat. It’s the best way to keep the projector from overheating. You can either clean the filters yourself or get it done by a service professional but make sure the filter of your projectors is clean at all times.

6. Use a CPU Heat Sink to prevent your projector from getting overheated

Any electronic device, whether a projector or a computer, generates heat. You can use a heat sink to reduce the heat of your projector. If you are wondering what is a heat sink let me explain. A heat sink is nothing but a piece of metal that can be placed on top of the projectors. In the case of computers, the heat sink sits on top of the CPU or the Central Processing Unit. The main function of the heat sink is drawing power from the projector using a set of fans to ensure the projector doesn’t get overheated.

If you have tried all the ways and still do not see results, I assure you that heat sinks can easily reduce the heat from the projectors.

FAQ: What do most people ask about projector overheating issues?

How long does a projector last?

Lamps in older projectors typically lasted 1,000 to 2,000 hours. On the other hand, more contemporary projector bulbs can last anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 hours, depending on the surroundings.

What are the types of projectors available in the market?

There are currently five types of projectors available for your home: DLP, LCD, LED, LCOS, and laser.

What happens when the projector gets overheated?

If the projector overheats, it will shut down unexpectedly, and if this is a recurring issue, the bulb will burst.

How long does it take for the projector to cool down?

After turning off your projector, it takes roughly 30 minutes for the lamp to cool down. While the gadget cools, please do not move it. When the lamp is hot, the projector is more vulnerable to damage.

How do I stop the projector from overheating?

To keep the projector from overheating, follow these steps.

1. The filter should be cleaned.
2. Where the projector is installed, there is a layer of dust.
3. Make sure the fan of the projector isn’t obstructed.
4. Connect the projector to an outside fan.
5. Under the projector, put a cooling pad.
6. Away from the projector, place other components with fans.
7. The projector should be moved around.

Final Takeaway

To conclude, I can say that projector overheating is a common problem that almost all the people who use projectors face. It is ok for the projector, but if it is a consistent problem, then its important to take measures before it aggravates the situation. Furthermore, projectors are generally expensive; therefore, it is important to maintain the projector well because no maintenance can be far more expensive.

If you see the projector getting heated, reduce the run time, and check the air vents to see if they are clean. You can also use a cooling pad and a heat sink to prevent the heat from flaring up. If all else fails and you still witness the problem, you need to consult a professional or might have to replace the projector.

However, if you maintain a projector and regularly clean it, there are fewer chances that the projector will get overheated.

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