Best Portable Projector for Nintendo Switch: Top 3 Portable Projectors For Your Nintendo Switch 2024

James K. Brownlee
best portable projector for nintendo switch

Portable is the new cool for all kinds of devices. Devices are becoming increasingly portable. The idea behind it all is to make them convenient to carry along. 

The Nintendo Switch is a perfect example of what a portable device looks and feels like. It’s basically a tablet with game controllers slid in on the side. It’s so portable it can fit in your pocket. 

When attached to its console (which is also incredibly small), the Switch can connect to your TV or projector using an HDMI cord. So you can get the best of gaming using the Nintendo Switch

Now, the best device to pair with a portable device is another portable device. So in this article, I will be reviewing the portable projector that’s best for the Nintendo Switch

Best Projectors For Nintendo Switch 2024

DBPower BenQ TH585 WEMAX (Portable)
Resolution Native 1080P Resolution 1920 x 1080p Resolution Native 1080P
Lamp Life 6,5000 Lamp Life 15,000 Hours Battery 3 Hrs Life
Brightness 9000 Lux Brightness 3500 ANSI Brightness 700 ANSI
Connectivity Wired/Wi-Fi Connectivity WiredConnectivity Wired/Wi-FI

Price on Amazon

Price on Amazon

Price on Amazon

The History: Meet The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch was released into the market on March 3, 2017. It is by far the most convertible gaming console available in the market.

It has an incredibly sleek and portable build, which makes it easy to carry about. The console can adjust to fit your mood and convenience.

You can hold it in your hand like the Gameboy, and you can set it up like the Gamecube. It’s the best of both worlds happening to you.

Let’s Break down the Switch 

The Nintendo Switch comes in five different compartments; Nintendo Switch consoleNintendo Switch DockJoy-Con controllers, Joy-Con grip, and the Joy-Con strap. If you want to read about these compartments, click here

How to choose the best portable projector for the Nintendo Switch?  

Getting a portable projector for the Nintendo switch is quite delicate. It is essential that you get the right one. 

While a lot of projectors out there may claim to be it, the ideal projector for Nintendo Switch must be able to satisfy the following criteria:

Portability: A Very Very Important factor to consider

This is a must. If you want to maximize your Nintendo Switch usability, you need a portable projector that is minute enough to follow you about. 

It doesn’t take much space or stress to carry the Nintendo Switch, and its ideal portable projector should not take much space or cause any stress. 

High Performance

Portability is no excuse for mediocrity. The Nintendo Switch is an attestation to that. The portable projector that should accompany the Nintendo Switch should be a high performing portable projector.

It should have top-notch functionalities that would complement the Nintendo Switch.


This is very important to take note of. The Ideal portable projector for the Nintendo Switch must meet up with its HDMI output requirement of 1080p at 60 fps or 4k at 30 fps max video. Anything below this specification would not work with the Nintendo Switch. 

Image clarity and Brightness 

Another quality that must not be lacking is image clarity and Brightness. While many portable projectors out there may have a 1080p resolution, the image quality is usually terrible.

The images are unnecessarily faint and lack vibrance. The ideal portable projector would be able to project crisp and vibrant images that would pop and have a cinematic feel. 

It also should be able to fare fine in a room that’s lit up. It should also offer a clear picture, even at an optimal distance. 


The Ideal portable projector for the Nintendo Switch should be adjustable. It should have manual settings through which the user can manipulate the projector to suit different circumstances.

Great stereo system

Most projectors do not have a great sound system. This is because they are not primarily built for movement. The Nintendo Switch is a console you could set up anywhere, and as such, your portable projector should be able to produce a great sound that would augment the beautiful imagery it is producing.

Most portable projectors are built to pair with a Bluetooth sound system. Our ideal projector should, however, be able to offer quality sound all by itself. 

Noise Reduction cooling System

Nobody wants a portable projector that starts breathing heavily once it has to handle projections with high-end demands. You want to be able to do anything and play any demanding game without your projector snoring. 

The ideal portable projector should have a cooling system that combines excellent cooling prowess with noise reduction. 

Universal Connectivity

Having a portable projector for your Nintendo Switch doesn’t mean it shouldn’t serve other purposes. The ideal projector should connect to other gadgets and devices you have around the house, including mobile devices, older gaming consoles, TVs, and other gadgets. What’s the need to spend so much on a projector that won’t serve multiple devices. 

The criteria mentioned above are necessary. Getting a projector with all of these features might prove a little bit expensive, but it would prove to be worth it in the long run. 

If you get any tinker toy projector would likely end in tears. While they may claim to offer great footage and quality at so little price, you would find the reverse to be true in the long run. 

So it’s crucial you get the ideal and recommended portable projector. 

The Recommended portable projector: The best portable projector for your Nintendo Switch

After checking a list of portable projectors available on the market, I have found the perfect one for the Nintendo Switch. 

It has all the needed features and is highly recommended by Amazon as the best portable projector for the Nintendo Switch.

It is no other than the Artlii 4000 Lux Full HD 1080P Support Projector

1. The Artlii 4000 LuxOverall Best Nintendo Switch Projector

The Artlii 4000 is a strong and durable portable device. It has all the fantastic features needed from a portable projector. 


The Artlii is so portable and lightweight; You can carry it easily. It weighs 5.5 pounds.


The Artlii 4000 offers a 1080p HD clear resolution. While it’s not up to 4K, it’s still very clear and bright. It offers a 300 ANSI lumen and a 4000-lumen image brightness, which is excellent for display.

It can project up to 250 inches and works well at an optimal distance of 10m. The Artlii 4000 offers excellent image quality and clarity. With a contrast ratio of 3000:1, you can be confident of the most vivid and luminous display ever. 

All the colors would be popping on your screen. You would enjoy your Nintendo Switch graphics more. 


The Artlii 4000 offers a keystone of +15 degrees. This is great as you can adjust the screen to fit what you want per time. It also has a stand that can be used to adjust its positioning. 

Great Stereo system

Talk about great sound, and the Artlii comes to mind. It’s built to stand alone. The dual (w3) speakers offer SRS surround sound. 

It has a real HIFI Dolby stereo, which gives you a great sound that matches the projector’s incredible visuals. Trust me; when you turn on the Artlii, you will reduce the sound. It’s really loud, clear, and crisp. 

Noise Reduction and excellent cooling system

The Artlii 4000 is a high-end performing portable projector. It can do amazing things. And as it is with fantastic devices, there is a need for an efficient cooling system. 

The Artlii 4000 has a very efficient cooling system. Its fans are tremendous and almost noiseless. You won’t hear it heaving a sigh now and then as you use the projector. 

Universal Connectivity 

One thing that sets the Artlii 4000 apart is that you could use it with an extended range of devices. This is because it has the right kind of input and output ports. 

It offers 2 HDMI, 2 USB, VGA, AV, and Micro SD. That’s almost anything and everything you would want to connect. You can connect older model TVs and consoles, mobile devices, more recent devices, etc. 

It also supports a lot of file formats. For images, it supports JPG, PNG, BMP, and MPO. For audio, it supports WAV, MP3, MP4, AC3, and MAV. It also supports tons of video formats, including MKV, MP4, FLV, 3GP, and VOB. The Artlii 4000 is an all-encompassing device. You can use it for all your other projector needs, aside from gaming. 


Lastly, the price tag for this portable Nintendo projector is actually below the $200 mark. The Artlii 4000 costs around 190 bucks, which is a great price to offer for something this good.

When you compare its price with some somewhat inferior projects in the market, you would be sure you are bringing in a fortune for close to nothing. 

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All About Nintendo Switch Console: The Definitive Guide

Nintendo Switch console: The latest 2024 model as of writing 

The main one being the Nintendo Switch console. This is the main part of the Switch. It is a portable console. You can call it the ultimate gaming tablet.

It weighs about 0.66lbs and has a 6.2-inch capacitive multi-touch screen with a 720p resolution. While this may not be the best resolution out there, it is sufficient for a 6.2-inch screen.

It also has an HDMI output of 1080p at 60 fps max video output. Now that’s really amazing for something you can hold in your hand. 

It also offers a great stereo sound. For connectivity, it has both Bluetooth and wireless connections. It has a battery life of 4.5-9 and gets fully charged in about 3 hours. 

The console also has other input and output ports. These include two type-C USB ports and a card reader slot for inserting a memory card. 

Nintendo Switch dock

The Switch dock turns your console into a traditional console. It is 4.1 inches high, 6.8 inches long, and 2.12 inches deep, weighing around 0.72lbs.

It has a USB port, a system connection port, an AC adapter port, and an HDMI output port. Once you slide the console into this Dock, it’s good to go. 

Joy-Con controllers

The Joy-Con controllers are a whole new level for gaming. The controllers are two. The right one weighs 1.8oz, while the left one weighs 1.7oz. 

Each one can work independently and can be used for two-player games. You can also use them as one game controller by attaching them to each side of the console. This works when you want to use the console in your hand. 

However, if you’re going to use the gaming console with a projector, you would have to place the controllers on the Joy-Con grip. The controllers have a battery life of almost 20 hours and 3 hours of charging time.

They are Bluetooth enabled and can connect to the console independently or as a single unit. The Joy‑Cons have great sensor features. The left one has an Accelerometer and Gyroscope, while the right one has an Accelerometer, Gyroscope, IR Motion Camera. 

The motion camera can work with your hand’s motion and fingers to control the Joy-Con and games. 

Joy-Con grip

The Joy-Con grip does for the controllers what the Dock does for the console. It turns the controllers into a single pad unit. 

The grip is sleek and portable, just like every part of the Nintendo switch. It weighs approximately 0.21 lbs and is about 3.98 inches high, 0.57 inches long, and 0.55 inches deep.

The Joy-Cons slide in perfectly on each side of the grip to form one controller. 

Joy-Con strap

The Joy-Con straps are attached to the independent controllers to allow users more freedom and control over the controllers. They slide on easily to the controllers. This is what the Nintendo Switch offers. However, to maximize the console’s potentials and functionality, the best portable projector for your Nintendo switch must come into the picture. 

Conclusion: My thoughts

The Artlii 4000 is a perfect choice for your Nintendo Switch. It has all the ideal specifications needed to give you the best of the Nintendo Switch experience. 

With a perfect tag price, it would serve you perfectly well for gaming on your Nintendo Switch or any other gaming console. It can also serve a lot of other purposes. 

The Artlii 4000 is the perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch any day, any time. Get one today and maximize the utility of your Nintendo Switch. Happy gaming. 

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