It’s all about me!

Hello everyone or projectors’ lovers, I’m James, and thank you for visiting ProjectorWar.com. 

It was a time when I purchased my first projector from Amazon. However, I got a significant discount on the projector as I applied a coupon there. That time I’d never thought of creating a website on projectors. The reason behind it was my friends who kept asking about the best projectors. 

Believe me, I’ve thousands of friends, and it becomes challenging when it comes to responding to all of them. 

So I ended up creating this beautiful website — ProjectorWar.com.

About Me: Who Am I?

I am James. I’ve been using projectors for many years. I love watching movies, web series, and stuff on youtube. I don’t know, but there is something which has been immersing myself in this hobby. I’ve learned so many things about projectors — from on-the-ground experience. So here at projectorwar.com, I share everything that I’ve learned so far.

What is my experience?

I still remember the time when I shared my first projector with my brother. It was Optoma W304M launched in 2013. It was the first experience that opened up the trails in a world of projectors. After that, I bought many other projectors too. I also remember the time when, On Christmas 2016, I was gifted a projector by one of my dad’s friends.  

So come to the question, I’ve been using projectors for the last seven years. Currently, I have all types of projectors for different purposes. 

Do You earn from ProjectorWar? 

Yes, I do. I’ve placed some affiliates links on the site in order to generate some coin. It helps the site to keep moving and grooving. Don’t worry! All the projectors on the website are reliable and trustworthy; otherwise, they won’t deserve to be placed. 

I really hope you like my website and what I’ve shared with you. In case you have any questions, suggestions, and even complaints, just let me know. I would love to answer and improve the site.