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Projector War is helping people in their purchases. It includes the latest projector news, insights about projectors, Howtos, Buying Guide, and in-depth reviews. 

You can read some of the popular categories of below. Or contact me by shooting an email at [email protected].

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Guides: Whats & Howtos

  1. How To Mount A Projector? Let’s Install Your projector | Guide 2020
  2. Projectors vs. TVs: Can A Projector Replace Your TV?
  3. Connections 
  4. Features
  5. How does a projector work?
  6. How to make a projector?
  7. DLP vs LCD vs LED vs LCoS
  8. Accessories and Services

A Complete Projector Buying Guide 2024

Note: The guide includes tons of most commonly asked questions – Most beginners ask while purchasing their first projector.

Who is behind this website ‘’?

The person behind this website called James K. Brownlee. Who’s been using projectors for many years. He loves watching movies, web series, and stuff on youtube. He also enjoys playing games – of course, on a projector. 

I don’t know, but there is something which has been immersing him in this hobby. He has learned so many things about projectors — from on-the-ground experience. 

So here at, he shares everything about projectors. You can read everything about him.


James T Brownlee


1988 Paradise Lane
Claremont, CA 91711

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1 thought on “Contact Me!”

  1. Hi James,
    First of all, congratulations for your page, it is very useful and brings lots of clarification about terms like lux, lumens, lumens ANSI and also, LCD, DLP, LED,…
    After reading most of your articles, I’m still having some doubts to choose the correct projector to fit my expectations.
    I’m looking for a portable projector (not necessarily “mini”, but definitely a portable unit), to do some business presentations, in my day-to-day these are my needs and environment:
    – Relatively small audiences (max 20 people)
    – Very good lumens and contrast is a must. I always perform in mid light indoor meeting rooms, , you know, blinds are never enough to cover sunlight.
    – Sound is not a problem, I don’t use sound. Eventually, if needed, I would use an external amp.
    – Connectivity is a must. Either wired (hdmi) and wireless (bluetooth, wifi,…) Screen mirroing would be great, discoverable as a Windows 10 or Mac external screen.
    – Resolution: I’m just presenting slides or small videos, full HD should be enough I think.
    – Distance of projection is between 2 and 6 meters (6 and 20 feet), as any standard meeting room.
    – Zoom and keystone correction would be desirable, not a must, but highly desirable.
    – Budget, less than 500$
    Given these conditions, what would be your choice?
    Sorry for bother you with all these silly details, feel free to ignore the entire message. In any case, thank you very much and, again, congratulations for your page. Keep it up!.

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