Best Projector Mount? A Universal ceiling mount For Your Projector of 2024

James K. Brownlee
best universal projector ceiling mount

What makes a universal projector ceiling mount so special? Well, it’s its versatility. 

Okay, let’s try breaking that down. 

Imagine getting a projector ceiling mount that could accommodate any (except a few) projectors you wish to install. 

That’s all of the projector and mount matchmaking out the window. 

You no longer have to disturb yourself about getting the suitable stand for your projector. 

Be it at home, conference room, office, or school, you have the perfect mount for any setting. 

I always love to give you the best in every category, and it won’t be any different today. 

After a thorough search and scrutiny, I am pleased to unveil VIVO Universal Adjustable Ceiling Projector Mount. It has everything you could desire in a universal projector mount.

What Makes The VIVO Mount The Best? 

You might be wondering what makes the best mount in the market and how I arrived at VIVO Universal Adjustable Ceiling Projector Mount.

Using the best search criteria for projector mounts, I arrived at this particular product. If you want to attempt a search all by yourself, here are the things to look out for. 

Brand: What projector mount brand is the best? 

One of the criteria to look out for is the brand name. There are many brands making projector mounts, such as Mount-It, YiePhiot, Suptek, Angrox, vivo, and many others. 

What do I think when it comes to the best projector mount brand?

There is less likelihood that a brand like VIVO would release a below-the-bar product into the market. 

VIVO has a name and reputation to protect at all costs (or should we say ‘at all Products’). 

When hunting for anything at all, it is advisable to go with a reputable company. 

Construction: Does it matter? What material is ideal for a projector mount?  

Most projector mounts are made from steel since they have to be sturdy. However, sturdiness should not mean rigidity. Most projector mounts are too rigid.

Of course, the aim is to ensure that the mounts last long. But in a bid to enhance longevity, you shouldn’t overlook excellent construction.

Why do I recommend vivo when the mount’s construction is concerned? 

That is what this VIVO Mount offers. It comes in pieces that users can join together to create the mount. Its different joining points are built to fit in perfectly and are held by screws and bolts. This construction makes its build excellent. 

Ease of Installation: An essential aspect of a projector mount! 

An Ideal universal projector mount should be easy to install. People love to get things done easily. Unfortunately, I’ve reviewed many projector mounts; most of them are hard to install, even for an experienced guy, let alone a beginner. 

Is Vivo universal projector mount easy to install? 

Yes, It is straightforward to install. All you would need to do is follow the instructions, and in nothing over 30 minutes, your mount would be perfectly installed and ready for use. 

So in choosing the ideal projector mount, you must ensure it is easy to install. It should come with an installation manual that simplifies the installation process. 

Flexibility: Another essential factor to consider

It’s one thing to have a mount, and it’s another thing to have a flexible mount. There would be times you would have to use different projectors.

That’s why we are seeking out a universal projector mount in the first place. You should be able to place your projector on the ideal mount and make adjustments from your mount.

Is the vivo universal projector mount fits this factor?

Yes, it does. VIVO MOUNT-VP01W can tilt and rotate to suit the peculiarities of different projectors. It can also compensate for your projector’s rotational frailties. So when getting the ideal universal mount, you must ensure that it isn’t in any way rigid. 

Support and weight: how much weight can your projector hold? 

An excellent universal mount would accommodate your projector, but a great one would hold it up there. When you place your projector on a mount, you should be certain that it can hold up the projector. 

If the mount cannot carry the projector’s weight, we all know what would follow. 

What about vivo? 

VIVO MOUNT-VP01W can hold up the lightest to the weightiest of projectors. This strength and flexibility make it the perfect choice for almost any projector you might want to purchase. 

Longevity: A projector mount and its longevity

One of the qualities to look out for when searching for the ideal projector mount is longevity. A good projector mount should be able to stand the stress and strain of time. 

Where does the VIVO mount stand?

The VIVO mount is built to stand the test of time. It comes with a warranty and has been known to last as it has been around for a while. 


Since the clear choice is the VIVO Universal Mount, I would give a full review of what the projector mount offers. 

What VIVO Universal Adjustable Ceiling Projector Offers

Since the VIVO Universal Mount has all the above qualities, it’s safe to call it the chosen one. 

Therefore, this section will zero in on what the projector mount brings to the table and cement its place on the top as the best universal projector mount available. 

Below are the features that make VIVO Universal Mount the best in the market. 

  1. Compatibility
  2. Adjustability
  3. Multi-functionality
  4. Easy to install
  5. Strong
  6. Longevity
  7. Aesthetics


VIVO Universal Adjustable Ceiling Projector Mount is compatible with almost any projector in the market. 

It is built to accommodate projectors of different types, weights, and sizes. So it doesn’t matter what brand of projector you intend to purchase, and the ever-reliable VIVO Universal Projector Mount has the space to accommodate it. 


One feature that makes the VIVO Universal Mount stand out is its adjustability function. It can be adjusted to compensate for whatever projector is combined with it. 

The VIVO is malleable enough to aid the inability of a projector. It can tilt 15 degrees upward or downward, swerve 15 degrees, and rotate it 360 degrees. This means you can adjust the projector without adjusting the projector.

All you have to do is adjust the mount. There would be times when a projector doesn’t align well with the current positioning needed. In such moments, you can adjust this by loosening some hex screws on your projector. 

Multi Functionality 

Users can use the VIVO Mount in different places. This multi-functionality sets it apart from a lot of other mounts in the market. Presenters, advertisers, teachers, or anyone can use it in the office, home, schools, clubs, and a host of other places. 

You do not need a different mount for every place where you need to use a projector. The VIVO is adjustable and can fit into these different settings. The VIVO can serve you anywhere and everywhere. 

Easy To Install 

Another great aspect of this mount is that it is easy to install. It comes with all the necessary information and the parts for installation. 

Of course, you still need to do the necessary calculation regarding the distance of your projector from the screen. 

Asides from this, the rest of the installation process is a breeze. Even if you make a mistake in installation, you can easily correct it due to the easy screw bolt method that the mount works with. 


The VIVO Mount is strong and built to carry almost any projector. It is made of pure steel, a material that’s durable and efficient enough to hold up the weight. 

With a 30 lbs maximum weight support, you can be sure it’s sufficient to hold up your projector. The average projector doesn’t weigh up to 30 lbs. This means that the VIVO Universal mount would hold up almost any projector placed on it. 


Longevity is one of the benefits of this VIVO mount. It is built to last. It’s made from the best materials, and has earned a great reputation for itself as it has been in the market for a long time now without any negative reports. 

It has remained on the top 10 list of projector mounts for a long time coming. It rarely fails to do what it’s meant to do, and it does it for a long time. 


Today’s tools are not all strength and functionality. It is expected that a tool comes with a certain level of aesthetics. 

The VIVO mount isn’t just strong and durable. It is also aesthetic. Its sleek build (which is also functional) makes it attractive. It also comes in colors of white and black, which are very minimalistic colors that blend with almost any environment. So you can choose whichever is best for your projector and your environment. 

Installing And Using The VIVO Universal Adjustable Ceiling Projector Mount

While it’s super easy to install the VIVO MOUNT-VP01W, some things must be in place before you can have a glitch-free installation. Below is a list of things to take note of. 

Users Must follow the Installation Process. 

To properly install the VIVO MOUNT-VP01W, you must follow the installation instruction to the later. 

While the mount is easy to put together, one mistake might hinder proper installation. Ensure you put the bolts and hex screws in the right place. Also, ensure you link up the right parts together. 

Install on a smooth ceiling surface 

The VIVO MOUNT-VP01W is a ceiling mount and is best installed on ceilings, particularly flat ceiling surfaces. If your ceiling is not smooth and flat, you might have to do extra installation work. 

This is because the mount is built to sit 6 inches from the ceiling to maintain a low profile. However, if your ceiling isn’t the flat type but is fancy, it simply means you would have to do some extra work in adjustment. 

The truth is, you would want a less fancy ceiling in this scenario. The less fancy your ceiling is, the easier it becomes to install and use the mount. 

The 12 Inches Rule 

The VIVO MOUNT-VP01W is a great universal mount. It can take up almost any projector that comes its way. However, it would be best to note that the mounting arms have a maximum reach of 12 inches.

When choosing a mount, you must ensure it can house your projector. If your projector’s screw holes are within the 12 Inches reach, then you can use the VIVO MOUNT-VP01W. Whenever it goes past the 12 Inches screw point, you would have to get another mount for your projector. 

The 30 Lbs Rule 

The VIVO MOUNT-VP01W can hold up weights to 30 lbs. This is a basic rule you must abide by. If your projector weighs more than 30 lbs, then the VIVO MOUNT-VP01W is not the right mount for your projector. 

You would need another mount, a more heavy-duty mount in this case. However, the majority of projectors do not weigh up to 30 lbs. This means you might not have to worry about this rule. It is, however, germane that you know about this. 


From all of the submissions made about the VIVO MOUNT-VP01W, it is safe to say it is the best universal projector mount available in the market. It has all it takes to house most projectors. If you want a mount that can serve you anywhere, every time, you should try out the VIVO MOUNT-VP01W. 

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