Best Projector for Bedroom 2024: Top 5 Picks With A Buying Guide

Let’s dive into some of my top bedroom projector picks for 2024. Each has a different price tag and a different set of features. Please select according to your bedroom setup and needs. 

James K. Brownlee
Best Bedrooms Projectors

Even though we have a dedicated home theatre to watch our content, we watch most of the stuff in our bedrooms. In 2024, when you ask somebody about their expectations from a projector, their first reply would be that they don’t want bulky projectors with many wires; instead, they should be compact, neat, and wireless with easy operation.

With the unique requirements of every bedroom in mind, I have crafted this fantastic buying guide specifically for bedroom projectors. I want to ensure that every projector you consider fits your bedroom perfectly. 

Also, if you want to know the criteria for choosing the best projector, you can go through the quick buying guide below, where I mentioned six must-have features that a projector must include to be on your list of buying. 

Top Five Bedroom Projectors List 

  1. LG CineBeam UHD 4K Projector HU70LA
  2. ViewSonic PX701HDH 1080p Projector
  3. WiMiUS Home Theater Smart Projector
  4. VIZONY FHD 1080p Projector
  5. NeXiGo PJ40 Smart Home Projector

Top 5 Bedroom Projector Reviews

LG CineBeam UHD 4K Projector HU70LA – Best 4K Projector For Your Bedroom 

LG's Bedroom Projector

LG CinemBeam HU70LA can be a perfect choice for your bedroom because of the advanced features and technology it serves on your plate. It’s a native 4K UHD smart projector that can project up to 140 inches. The picture quality is fantastic as it utilizes XPR* with 8.3 million pixels. If you’re watching content in 4K resolution, this number of pixels plays a crucial role in overall picture quality. That’s where this LG CineBeam wins the competition. 

One of the model’s key features includes LG’s ThinQ technology, which works perfectly with built-in Alexa and Google Assistance. So, controlling the projector over voice command is not an issue here. The model HU70LA also supports HDR 10 (with dynamic tone mapping) and TruMotion features. 

This projector runs on its operating system, LG webOS, allowing you to access the content smartly because of its tie-up with popular streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. You also get the support of the Miracast feature, which allows wireless mirroring; be it your smartphone or laptop, you can easily access your content wirelessly. 

But what about the lumens and lamp life? How do we have? A punch with 1500 ANSI lumens of brightness with a contrast ratio of 150,000:1. When it comes to the life of the lamp, it offers up to 30,000 hours of lamp life.

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2. ViewSonic PX701HDH 1080p Projector – Best Under-budget Projector for Your Bedroom

ViewSonic PX701 HDH

Viewsonic’s PX701HDH is a FullHD projector (you can also check out its 4K UHD model PX701) with 3500 lumens and a contrast ratio of 12,000:1. The projector delivers bright, sharp, and crisp images regardless of the environment you put in. I also tested this model in high ambient light; the results exceeded expectations. 

You can use its remote control for image adjustments, which makes the task seamless. You have several default color profiles, such as Brightest, Movie, Standard, Sports, and Gaming. You can also customize your own color profiles. 

The PX701HDH projector can project an image of up to 300 inches from a distance of 35.9 feet. However, I won’t recommend using this giant screen-size projection if you use 1080p content. You can connect streaming devices and power them up through its built-in USB-A power output. 

When it comes to the projector’s lifespan, you have 15,000 hours of lamp life; however, if you use its SuperEco+ mode, it can be extended to 20,000 hours. 

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3. WiMiUS K9 Home Cinema Smart Projector – Best Portable Projector for Your Bedroom

iMiUS 700ANSI Native 1080P

The WiMiUs is a multimedia type of projector; it is portable and travel-friendly. This good-looking compact projector has many features at an affordable price, somewhere around $250-300. It supports 1080p native resolution and 4K partially. 

The projector runs on a Linux-based operating system and supports up to 7000+ apps, including Netflix, Prime, YouTube, HBO Max, Hulu, and many other popular apps. 

One of the top features of the K9 is its wireless ability; you get the latest WiFi 6 and two-way 5.2 Bluetooth. You don’t need to buy any streaming device to bring your favorite shows on a giant screen. Another key feature is its sound quality; the projector has two 15-watt HiFi speakers that support 3D Dolby Audio.  

For image correction, you have auto keystone correction and autofocus feature along with a 50-100% Zoom option. You have an HDMI and other important ports, such as USB, AV, and 3.5 Audio Jack for wired connectivity. 

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4. VIZONY FHD RD830 1080p Home Cinema Projector – Best Smart Home Cinema Projector For Bedrooms

VIZONY Home Cinema Smart Projector For Bedroom

This VIZONY projector packs a punch with 800 ANSI lumens and full HD native resolution. The company VIZONY has done a great job with the overall projector design; it has a unique cooling system that gives you almost zero-noise experience and is IP5X dust-proof. 

You have WiFi6 (supports 2.4GHz & 5GHz) and 5.2 Bluetooth support on this model. You can live stream and play games using its built-in WiFi, which the company claims can handle fast internet connection up to 9Gbps. 

Besides, the projector has Electric Focus and 4D keystone (±50° vertical/horizontal Keystone) correction features for image adjustment on the screen. With its remote control, you can zoom the projected image from 50% to 100%. So, overall, the VIZONY K9 is an excellent portable projector for your bedroom. 

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5. NeXiGo PJ40 Smart Home Projector – Cheap Mini Projector for Bedrooms  

Budget Bedroom Projector

The NexiGo PJ40 is a fantastic home theater for under $250. It’s a native 1080p projector that supports 4K content partially. It has 700 ANSI lumens to deliver high-quality images with good color accuracy. Like VIZONY K9, you have 4D vertical and horizontal keystone correction; however, it’s manual and more convenient. 

Sound quality could be better from K9 because of its size, but it gets the job done; it has a 20-watt speaker that produces good loud sound enough for a couple of people. Like other models, you don’t need external streaming devices to enjoy content wirelessly; it has built-in WiFi supporting dual bands, 2.4GHz and 5GHz, and fast Bluetooth 5.1. 

The NeXigo PJ40 lets you project up to a large screen of up to 300 inches from 30.18 feet. However, I’d recommend that you stick to 100 or 120-inch projection sizes, which you achieve from distances 10.5 and 12.4 feet, for better picture quality.  

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Buying Guide: How do you choose the best bedroom projector for yourself? 

If you want to buy yourself or are interested in my way of choosing the best one, here is the quick buying guide to Bedroom Projectors. 

1. Room Size: You must measure the area of your bedroom

Since you’re looking for a projector for your bedroom, you can’t go with projectors that offer average throw distance. Your first requirement should be finding a short throw distance projector because we generally only have a little space in our bedrooms. So, you can buy either a short throw projector or an ultra-short throw projector if your pocket allows it. 

2. Resolution: Resolution can be a decidable factor 

We have come a long way regarding picture quality; everything is full HD or 4K. Therefore, when it comes to picture quality, the resolution of any projector matters. The higher resolution is responsible for a sharper and clearer image; our focus should be on full HD at least or 4K for the best. 

3. Lumens: Another crucial factor to consider 

Lumens are responsible for brightness; the higher the lumens, the better the brightness. The lowest number is 100 for dark rooms; it can go up to 4000 lumens for bright ones. Therefore, you must consider how many lumens your viewing area requires. 

4. Throw Distance: The distance between your projector and the projected area. 

It’s the distance between your projector and the projector screen/wall. Projectors with a long throw distance need about 8-10 feet to project a 100-inch image on the wall/screen. Therefore, we must consider buying projectors offering short-throw or ultra-short-throw distance. 

5. Connectivity: Connectivity between your devices 

Multiple connectivity options are crucial in 2024. If you have modern devices, you must check whether you can connect them to your projector. Even though modern projectors include all the necessary ports, it’s still worth checking the number of ports available on the projector. 

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

What type of lamp does LG CineBeam HU70LA have?

The LG HU70LA has a 4CH LED type of lamp. It is better than the Laser and Hybrid types. 

I love playing games and streaming. Which projector should I buy? 

The ViewSonic PX701HDH 1080p is good for gaming. It offers low latency and fast response time. It also has a USB-A built-in output port to power up your streaming device. 

What is the best 4K UHD projector for bright bedrooms? 

You can buy LG’s Cinema Beam HU70LA; it’s a 4K projector and supports HDR10 with Dynamic Tone mapping. You can project a projection of 60 to 140 inches with this model. However, if your room has high ambient light access, I suggest you buy a good ALR projector screen with it. 

Conclusion: Top Bedroom Projectors? 

I have suggested the top five projectors for your bedroom. However, each of them is different and offers different features; you’ll need to choose according to your preferences and requirements. 

Also, I’d suggest you go through the key factors mentioned in the quick buying guide for better and wise decisions. 

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