Projectors vs. TVs: Can A Projector Replace Your TV?

The Major Differences: Projectors Vs. TVs? Well, Seeing your favorite TV shows and movies have become more exciting than ever because you can watch it on a big screen TV or a projector.

James K. Brownlee
projector vs tv

Do you prefer that cinematic projector experience with a box of popcorn and ice cold soda to go with — Or would you prefer to stick to the default living room setting where you will have your television standing or mounted on one side of the room while you sip a glass of wine?

Most definitely, each of them will offer you a unique experience. So choosing which you would rather buy could be a tough decision to make.

I know cause i have been in your shoes too. How about I highlight some important things to consider when choosing between TVs and projectors. That would make deciding a whole lot easier, right?

You are welcome.

Are projectors as good as TVs? Here are the seven (7) key points we will consider.

Space: Tie

Does the room you reserved for the projector or TV require a lot of space?

It is not a problem if the room has a small space for projectors. Reason being that they take up little space. Moreover, the projector screen is put away when not in use, and the portable projection unit is on a shelf or a table.

Although the projector takes up a small space, you would not want to make your viewing experience uncomfortable if the room is small.

Imagine sitting very close to a large screen in a tiny room.

An uncomfortable situation, right?

It will be a situation where the distance between the screen to the point you are seated is minimal. You will hardly have a good view of the screen or even enjoy what you are viewing.

But for TVs.

They are either mounted on the wall with a wall bracket or placed on a table.

They occupy a more fixed spot. 

Screen size: Projector wins

Projectors are choices of many people because of its large screen sizes. They have varied sizes of the images the screen projects clearly, which are often huge. Some occupy almost the entire wall. Others can give you remarkable images within 4 feet.

TVs, however, have a limit they can go in the size of their screen. The screens are up to 108 inches these days and will keep getting bigger.

But, as they get bigger, their prices also go with them and get more expensive. Therefore, if a big screen size is your reason, then a projector is a great option. Especially, as projectors of sizes equivalent to a TV come at a fraction of the price.

Cost: Projector wins

The cost of projectors and TVs is one of the crucial factors people review before making their choice. Comparatively, projectors cost less than high definition televisions (You can call them HD TVs). 

For instance, an 80 to 100-inch TV would cost you not less than $1500. But going for an HD projector with a screen size of 100-inches would cost below $1000. 

Sound: TV wins

The quality of sound that emanates from any gadget must be decent for you to have a pleasant home viewing experience

TVs come with good inbuilt speakers. For a better experience, you can add an external sound system. 

With projectors, they mostly have no built-in speakers.  Even if they eventually do have speakers, the sound quality of them is usually poor

The TV inbuilt speakers will produce better sounds than they do. That means that if you had a budget for either a TV or projector, going for a TV will guarantee you a quality sound. 

Brightness: TV wins

For a great viewing experience, brightness plays a role. We both know that you would not enjoy your favorite show if you cannot see what you are watching. 

If you have used a projector, remember when you switch off the lights in the room to use a projector for the images on the screen to appear clearly.

That is a problem with projectors because it is challenging to get the room dark during the day. Projector screens are dim, so they display images better in a dark room.

On the other hand, TVs can be in any part of your house. Be it the living room, kitchen, or balcony. You will have no concern about the lighting of the room. The visuals will also be great. 

Resolution: Projector wins

4K is the current technology making viewing experience on both projectors and TV screens exciting. The two devices can handle 4K resolution though one offers a better experience. 

Let me briefly explain what a 4k resolution is.

A screen with a 4k resolution means that there are 3,840 pixels and 2,160 pixels horizontally and vertically respectively within it.

So that is 8.3 million pixels all crammed into every inch of the screen.

Mind-blowing, right? 

To appreciate the 4K fully and the beauty of it, a bigger screen will do good. Although TVs come in large screens, projector screens are considerably bigger and are of a lower cost. And for a TV of the same screen size of a projector will be very expensive.

Besides, enjoying the 4K experience on the biggest screen of the projector comes at a lesser price. 

Installation & Maintenance: TV wins 

In some cases, getting a gadget at a low price may not mean the equipment is cost-effective.

The cost of installing and maintaining it can shoot the expenses up. In regards to TVs and projectors, projectors will require more attention.

Both for installation and maintenance. You can plug in your new television to power with no stress. The installation of a TV does not require a lot of work.

Though, if you intend to fix your TV to the wall, that could pose some challenges. But a manual guide makes it a seamless process.

Whereas for projectors, even with a manual guide getting the right distance and height that projects the perfect image can be daunting.

Also, the projector’s lamps burn out pretty quickly. Therefore, you will be required to change it after some time. 

For many people, buying a gadget once and not incur extra costs needed to maintain it is most preferred. That is why a TV will be a good option in this regard.

Projectors Vs TVs — Should I get a projector or TV?

So, guys, While i have highlighted the merits and demerits of owning TVs or projectors, your choices can be affected by other reasons. 

It could be due to the key-points shared here or your budget and any other reason. 

Finally, it is your preference that prevails, so make that choice. 

I really hope this article has been helpful to you. 

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