720p vs. 1080p Projectors: Which is Better In 2024?

James K. Brownlee
720p vs 1080p projectors

720p vs. 1080p Projectors: Which you’ll choose? Let’s discuss.

Making up your mind to get a projector is an easy decision. The point where it gets dicey is when you have to make a choice on whether you are getting the 720p Projector or the 1080p Projector.


Choosing between the 720p and the 1080p can be confusing if you cannot tell the differences between them.

In this article, I would explore the difference between the two and give a final verdict on which is better suited for your various purposes.

So let’s start with ‘p.’ What about the Letter P? 

Before we begin a proper discussion on which of the different resolutions are better, let’s unravel the letter P. What’s the P in front of the different resolutions?

The P stands for progressive. It is so named based on the technique that the 720p and 1080p works on. This technique is called progressive scanning.

In this technique, the lines appear on the screen sequentially, creating a more vivid image.

What about Pixels? 

A Pixel is the minutest unit of display. When pixels are joined together, they form an image. So every image that is displayed is just a collection of pixels. Simple right?

While the P that appears in front of the 720 and 1080 do not stand for pixel, the digits have some relationship to pixels. The numbers represent the number of pixels that are displayed on each projector horizontally. 

This means that the 720p projector has 720 horizontal pixels, while the 1080p projector has 1080 horizontal pixels. 

Now let’s do some maths.

The 720p projector has 720 horizontal pixels and 1280 vertical pixels.

The 1080p projector has 1080 horizontal pixels and 1920 vertical pixels. When you multiply these figures against each other, you get the number of pixels that each projector has in total. 

The 720p projector has a total of 921600 pixels, while the 1080p projector has a total of 2073600 pixels

Why all these pixels talk, you may ask.

Well, the more the pixel a projector can display, the more vivid the image it produces. 

Now the 1080p projector has 2.5 the number of pixels on the 720p projector. That means the 1080p projector’s images are more detailed compared to what the 720p projector can produce. 

This makes the 1080p projector more superior to the 720p projector. 

The Similarities: 720p vs. 1080p Projectors

First, let us discuss the Similarities between the different projectors.

1. Same working technique

Both the 720p projector and the 1080p projector use the same technique, which is progressive scanning. This is a more advanced technique compared to what was available before the 720p and 1080p. 

2. Clear Images 

Both the 720p and the 1080p offer clear images compared to what older technologies can offer. 

The Differences: 720p vs. 1080p Projector

These are the differences between the 720p projector and the 1080p projector. 

Picture Quality 

When it comes to the differences, it is dicey. You might not notice any difference if you are using a much smaller device like a mobile phone.

But if you were to switch to a bigger device, the difference would be noticeable. The 1080p projector has more pixels than the 720p projector. This makes its images more detailed than the 720p projector. 

Also, when you sit closer to the screen, the differences are less noticeable. But when you go farther from the screen, the difference becomes more pronounced. 

More expensive 

The 1080p projector is more expensive than the 720p projector. Since it is better and clearer than the 720p, it’s worth more in the market. 

Making a choice

Making a choice goes beyond picking one or the other based on its features. Other factors come into the picture when you have to make a choice.

The most important of all these factors is utilization. What do you want to use your projector for? 

There are various reasons why one would need a projector. These reasons are addressed below. 

HDTV or Streaming

If you need a projector to view cable and HDTV broadcasts, you would be safe with the 720p. This is because most of these stations podcast in 720p or 1080i. 

While some of these stations use the 1080p resolution, it is not a common practice. So if all you want to do is watch cable TV shows, then the 720p projector would be a perfect fit. 

They would be no difference if you got a 1080p projector. However, if you plan to do a lot of streaming, it would be advisable to get the 1080p projector, especially if you can afford it.

The reason is simple.

Most streaming services offer various streaming resolutions. The higher resolutions are more expensive. So if you can afford it, go for the 1080p projector. 

But I must warn you that the difference is not particularly far fetched. So it would be an utter waste if you have to break the bank just to use the 1080p projector. The 720p would be fair, just fine. 

DVD or Blu-Ray 

When it comes to the regular DVDs, the regular comes at a 480p resolution. The HD DVD comes in at a 720p resolution. There isn’t any difference when using either of the projectors to view this. 

But the Blu-Ray comes at 1080p resolution. This would look better if viewed using a 1080p projector as the image would be more vivid. 


Games are made in the 1080p resolution, which gives a greater gaming experience. If your system is an older model, it would most likely have a 720p resolution.

This means that you can connect a 1080p projector to enjoy your gaming to the fullest. 

The Verdict: 720p vs. 1080p Projector?

For the Verdict, the 1080p projector is better than the 720p projector. However, it would be best to consider the function you want your projector to serve before you make a choice. 

There are instances where the 720p would serve just fine. The 1080p, on the other hand, is more expensive and might be too uncomfortable for your pocket. But if you could afford it, then get it by all means. 


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