How to Hang a Projector Screen Outside? A step-by-step Guide 2024

I know you want to have a movie time outdoors, or are you planning an outdoor gathering with friends or a presentation with colleagues? Are you faced with the problem of how to hang your projector screen outside? Then, you’re in the right place. 

James K. Brownlee
how to hang a projector screen outside

This guide will explore how easily you can hang any projector screen outdoors. However, before we move further, let me ask you a few questions. 

Firstly, what is your reason for wanting to hang a projector screen outdoors? Because we have so many reasons why we would need a projector outdoors. 

So many activities could call for the use of a projector outdoors. Activities include business meetings, religious gatherings, outdoor movie theater, video games, digital signage, photography, etc. 

Once your outdoor projector is ready, you’ll need to mount a projector screen. Since there are different types of screens on the market, you’ll have to follow different mounting steps. Therefore, I am sharing all of them and their installation procedures. 

Different types of projector screens and how to hang them outside? 

  1. Ceiling Screens
  2. Floor Screens
  3. Tripod Screens
  4. Wall-mounted Screens
  5. DIY outdoor screens

1. Ceiling Projector Screens: How to hang a ceiling projector screen? 

This type of projector screen is attached to ceilings. So for outdoors, it’s using places covered with the roof ceiling, like in the corridor of your house, garage, car park, where the roof ceilings are for mounting it.

Step to hanging a ceiling projector screen outdoors:

  1. Map of where is suitable for installing the projector, putting into consideration light (lumen amount and contrast of projector), specifically for daylight usage of the projector.
  2. Measure and cut the part on the ceiling for installation.
  3. Drill holes for mounting the screen using bolts and screws.
  4. Fix the Control Unit.
  5. Connect to electricity.
  6. Tuck in the wires and Control Unit.
  7. Using bolt arrange the drilled holes to secure the screen in place.
  8. Ensure you have successfully gotten the screen in place and tight.
  9. Install the End Flange Covers.

And you’re good to go.

2. Floor Projector Screens: How to hang a floor projector screen? 

There’s no need for assembly in this type of screen, so it’s straightforward to use. Here are some simple steps to mounting a floor protector screen outdoor. 

  1. Once you have the screen, look for the best spot for you.
  2. Place the screen on the ground and rotate the bracket on the bottoms horizontally to add stability to the screen.

In the case of an electric floor screen, you have two more steps to follow. 

  1. Plug the cord into a power source.
  2. Then you can use the remote control to either raise or lower the screen.

And you’re set to start projection.

3. Tripod projector screens: How to hang a tripod projector screen? 

Tripod is a suitable way to mount a projector screen. It’s a convenient method because it’s designed with legs to stand without using any surface for attachment. 

The use of a tripod is similar to the floor protector because it uses the ground as support. These are very suitable for outdoor projection because you’re not limited to where you can use the projector screen. 

It can be mounted anywhere around the house. In the case of wind, you can use a rope tied to a rod or nail inserted into the ground to keep it firm against the wind. 

This type is a suitable projector screen because it’s portable. In addition, you can transport it from one spot to another in case of a change in light direction that could make your projection appear faded.

Step to mounting tripod projector screen outdoor, 

  1. Spread or kick the three out with the knob around the legs.
  2. Separate the straight rod attached to the projector. 
  3. Make sure the legs are fit on the ground. 
  4. Then pull the screen and hang it on the straight rod that was previously attached to the screen.
  5. Adjust to the desired height.

And you’re good.

4. Projector screens on the wall: How to hang a projector screen on a wall? 

You can hang the projector screen on the wall using a universal hook, or you could make a wood frame on the wall that you can drill, then use screws and bolts to attach your projector screen to the wall. 

These are convenient for hanging a projector screen outdoors because you don’t have to worry about the wind pushing the projector screen down.

Steps to mounting wall projector screen outdoor:

  1. Identify determined spot. 
  2. Measure the wall and make marks. 
  3. Use a screw gun to secure the mounting bracket into the walls following the markers you made while measuring.
  4. Then place the projector into the wall.

And you are good.

5. DIY projector screens: How to hang a DIY projector screen outdoor? 

Within the household, there are things for making projector screens. For example, bedsheets, shower curtains, spray paint, Etc., are to make projector screens. Plus, materials, such as a stand that could be a rod or PVC ripe, a pair of scissors, glue, tapes, rope, and platform. 

Step for hanging a bedsheet as a projector screen outdoor,

  1. Pass a rope through the bedsheets.
  2. Use PVC pipes as a stand, then tie the rope to the PVC pipes.
  3. You can use sandbags to hold the pipe’s firm against windy situations, or you can bore a hole in the ground if it’s sandy to fit the PVC pipes.

Step for hanging a curtain as a projector screen outdoor,

  1. Find a suitable platform. It could be a wall or the surface of a large metal container.
  2. Use Velcro tape or glue on the surface, then attach your curtain to it.
  3. Cut out excesses of the curtain.
  4. Use some kitchen foam sponge spray with black paint to surround the edges.

And there you go. You have hung your projector screen.

FAQs: Some common questions that most people ask frequently. 

Can a protector screen be hung outside? 

Yes! You can, but how difficult or easy can it be? Well, it all depends on what’s available. By this, I mean there could be a wall to hang the projector, or it could just be an open space with absolutely nothing to make any attachments for the screen. 

Either way, you can mount a projector screen and enjoy using the projector for all purposes. 

Are outdoor projector screens strong enough to fight against the various outdoor situations?

Outdoor projector screens are strong, durable, and suitable to take any harsh outdoor situation as they’re designed to handle those factors.

How much does a DIY projector screen cost? 

You can almost make your projector screen from materials within the house. Therefore, there is no point in considering the cost because it depends on the person planning to make it. 

Are all outdoor screens follow the same installing steps? 

No, not at all. There are different types of projector screens designed and produced by different companies. These screens can be of different sizes and have different modes of action. Some are manual, while so are electronic. 


Everyone wants to organize a movie night, a religious gathering, or a business presentation outside but struggles. This guide has explored how easily you can hang your projector screen outside with simple steps. 

Moreover, I have shared different ways by which you can mount or hang a projector screen outdoors. It feels great to know that you can do it yourself. 

So follow the steps and enjoy your movie night outside. 

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