Are Projectors Good for Gaming? Advantages & Disadvantages Of a Projector When Used For Gaming

If you are wondering whether to use projectors for gaming or stick to televisions, here are a few points to consider before taking the final call. 

James K. Brownlee
are projectors good for gaming?

If you ask me if projectors are suitable for gaming, I will say yes. Projectors can be an appropriate option if you love playing games on big screens, provided you have the right projector

Most people believe in using projectors over televisions because of two significant reasons. 

First, generally, televisions are not available above 100 inches. In contrast, you get wider projector screens at a cheaper rate.

Second, televisions cannot be moved from one room to the other. 

However, like all other gadgets, projectors also have their limitations. Therefore, weigh the pros and cons of using a projector for gaming minutely before you make a choice.

In this article, we will walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of using a projector for gaming so you can decide whether to get a gaming projector or rely on your television to play games.

Pros of using a projector for gaming

1. Highly Satisfying: The Gaming experience can be next level. 

What can be more fun than playing your favorite game on a giant projector screen at home? 

The most significant advantage of using a projector screen for gaming is that it is highly satisfying. 

With television, you generally get a maximum of 100 inches of screen, but if you use a projector screen, the screen size can go up to 120 inches. It is truly mesmerizing. 

Another added advantage is that it provides adequate screen space for other players who join you in multiplayer games.

2. Fits easily in a confined area: Everyone loves portability. 

The second reason most people prefer using projectors for gaming is that they save a lot of space. 

The screens are portable and can fit easily in confined areas. The screens can also be easily mounted on the walls. And, because they are lightweight, they can be carried easily from one room to another. 

You can also use suitable motorized ALR screens that can go up and down quickly as per your requirement.  

3. You get higher refresh rates with projectors: 240Hz is very common for a gaming projector. 

In gaming projectors, you get higher refresh rates, adding to your gaming experience. 

The higher the refresh rate, the faster the action rate. 

In gaming projectors, the refresh rate ranges from a minimum of 30Hz for basic games and 120Hz for competitive-level games. 

However, if you opt for a 144Hz model, you will get a responsive experience in gaming.

4. You get a separate menu option for gaming modes and higher input lags for faster performance. 

Gaming projectors come with a higher input lag comparatively. If you are wondering what input lag is, it is the time taken from the screen to the original gamer. 

When the input lag is higher, it delays the action on the screen, matching it with the speed of the gamer. 

Moreover, you also get a separate menu option for gaming modes for faster performance. 

If you are searching for a suitable projector for gaming, you can use any projector with an input lag below 40ms.

5. Your eyes are less strained: One of the top advantages of a projector

Projectors emit light, but when the light is projected on the screen, it is absorbed by the screen.

Therefore, the glare is lesser compared to televisions. So your eyes are less strained.

6. Projector screens are far more portable than televisions

Gaming projectors are portable and can be easily moved, as stated above. 

So, if you plan to organize a gaming session with your friends in the backyard, go for it.

Cons of using a projector for gaming

1. You require a higher data connection

The bigger the screen, the higher the data connection it will require. Therefore, you might have to upgrade your data connection if you have recently purchased a gaming projector for a better experience.

2. Additional speakers add to the overall cost of setup

If you are hard-pressed for money, setting up a projector for gaming might pinch your pocket a little. 

It can be a con because you might have to invest in additional speakers or decent headphones for a better experience. 

However, since the overall cost of the projector is way below a television, you might be OK with spending a few extra bucks on the accessories.

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3. It can get a little noisy and distracting

No matter what the salesman says, projectors create noise when running for longer. 

And it can be distracting at times. However, in modern gaming projectors, you hear a humming sound that can be suppressed with additional speakers or a decent pair of headphones.

4. The heat generated from the projector affects the shelf life of the projector

Another drawback of using projectors for gaming is that projectors get heated rapidly. 

Therefore, ensure you do not place anything above or near the projector while running. 

Too much heat can affect the shelf life of the projector in the longer run.

Conclusion: So, Are Projectors Good For Gaming?

Therefore, projectors are a viable option if you wish to experience gaming on a bigger screen at a lesser cost. 

It can be highly satisfying, save a lot of space, and does not strain your eyes too much. 

To top it up, they are portable, light, and can be carried easily anywhere. You get higher refresh rates in projectors, and the performance level is much better than what you experience in televisions. 

So, yes, projectors are suitable for gaming.

But all set and done, it involves additional cost because you need different speakers and higher data connection to enhance your gaming experience. 

Furthermore, when you are using a projector for gaming for hours, like a professional gamer, overheating can affect the shelf life of the projector.

So, if you’re planning to buy a projector for gaming, consider these options before you take the final call.

Most importantly, remember not all projectors are designed for gaming. If you are thinking of investing, make sure it is a gaming projector with a fast HDMI port explicitly designed for gaming. 

Also, keep aside a few extra bucks for additional speakers or decent headphones if you want to enhance your gaming experience. 

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